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I met a wonderfully energising elderly Lady at Tesco’s* – of all places – one day.

At my local Tesco, most people complain and they certainly don’t look very happy going in or out. The energy and atmosphere in that Tesco is totally off (e.g. customers are just transaction not a person) and has been for a long time. Having a nice human interaction there is very rare.As she was waiting in front of me at the customer service counter, the elderly Lady seemed really bouncy, fun and happy.

We got talking. It turned out she was waiting to complain about what she had been charged. Both of us agreed that Tesco’s prices were on the high side, and instead of keeping going in that direction, which normally people do, the lady chirpily proceeded to tell me about two Morrisons’ stores, sort of nearby, where I could I do my shopping cheaper and in a far more friendly atmosphere. She even told me which buses would take my to these shops.

It was such fun for me to ask her lots of questions and discover why she liked to shop at these other places. We had such a wonderful and useful conversation. Who does want to pay more than necessary for commodity items?

In contrast to the angry Starbucks’ customer the other day, this lady’s energy was also coming from her heart area. Her energy was light, inclusive, supportive and nurturing.  She kept smiling all the time we spoke and even proceeded to smile at the Tesco customer service agent, when she made her complaint.

Absolutely lovely.

I walked home with a smile on my face.

* for people not living in the UK, Tesco is a large supermarket chain

** the amazing featured image is from Coolclix BlogSpot with thanks via creative commons license.

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