What my clients are saying


“Bettina created a very professional and compassionate space for my coaching session which enabled me to get my ‘stuff’ out of my head and vocalise it. This in turn helped me to look at my aspirations and intentions from different perspectives and Bettina helped me pinpoint some interesting blocks and facilitate some releases in order to find a way forward.  Bettina is intuitive, intelligent and has a basket full of useful skills from she selects wisely in order to positively assist and support people”

Sally, Energy Worker, London, UK


“Working with Bettina is gratifying. She is supportive and encouraging and taught me how to take time for myself and explore new possibilities and perspectives. She encourages me to acknowledge my own strength in wanting to change and improve my life. I always feel fully invigorated and inspired after a session with Bettina!”

Corinna, Metal Trader, Switzerland


“I had a coaching session with Bettina to help me to understand and break through some fear and anxiety I was experiencing, and which was preventing me from taking an important step with a new business idea.  I immediately felt that I was in a safe pair of hands and in a very short space of time – and with considerable skill and sensitivity – Bettina helped me to work my way through it.  I felt so much better after the session and within a week I had take the action I needed to move my business idea forward.”

Annabel, Transformational Coach, UK


“I approached Bettina with the hope of working through a few long since entrenched limited beliefs. These beliefs were holding me back from achieving my full potential and perpetually questioning/reflecting upon my social interactions. Undertaking a BodyEmotionEnergyMind session with Bettina was nothing short of mmiraculousus. Utilising a number of different techniques, in a very supportive environment, we worked together to eliminate beliefs, processes that constrained me within unresourceful states. I have not looked back since our session. The positive outcomes were over and above my expectations. Thanks you so much, Bettina.”

Niall, Programme Manager, UK