I am Bettina Pickering, The Emotion Coach

Transformational Author ⋅ Change Guide ⋅ Embodiment Facilitator

I help business leaders, entrepreneurs and people with big dreams change those hard-to-shift habits, emotional patterns and unconscious blocks that hold them back from being who they really want to be.

Emotions, Habits & Energy

Emotional Patterns, habits and habitual blocks come in all shapes and sizes. And, we usually do them on autopilot out of our conscious awareness. This can cause frustration, self-recrimination, and stress. We are stuck and trapped in something we don’t want but cannot seem to stop doing it differently.

Having helped numerous clients (and myself) through block busting, emotion pattern release and habit shifting transformations, I understand how change works and how anyone can access unconscious triggers and shift those habits fast, and with ease.

Bettina Pickering

My background

I enjoyed a 13-year international consulting career working with large corporations leading and delivering over 50 change and transformation projects. In that time, I came close to burn out several times, especially after a car accident, juggling client projects in different countries, internal management activities, and home life.

After a life changing experience in 2006, I decided that enough was enough, and set out to discover how to shift the autopilot habits, emotional stress patterns and blocks and uncover my true calling in the process. Apart from my transformational writing, I am also the founder of www.aronagh.com, a consultancy, training and coaching company that makes change happen, fast and sustainably.

My qualifications

I am an accredited executive & life Master Coach, an accredited Master Mentor in the leadership category, a certified Master Practitioner and trainer of Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), a certified Money, Marketing & Soul Coach, a certified Practitioner of Psychosensory Techniques, Hypnosis Mastery and Addiction Cessation. I am also qualified to teach a number of Qi Gong systems including 5 elements, medical & martial Qi Gong and an a Fitness to Music instructor.

I have trained in somatic intelligence and embodied leadership and Energetic NLP. I also hold an MBA in Strategy and Finance, an MSc in Production Engineering, and I have just completed an MA in applied Coaching, where my research was all about Emotions and how we can work with them in Coaching and Leadership.

Accrediations & Certifications






Accredited Master Coach (IIC&M)

Accredited Master Mentor (IIC&M)

Accredited Master Mentor (IIC&M)

Trainer Member

Trainer Member


Where I work with you

I live in London, and frequently travel to Ireland, Italy, and the US. I work with my clients all over the world online, over the phone, Skype and face-to-face.

What clients are saying about Bettina

“I had a coaching session with Bettina to help me to understand and break through some fear and anxiety I was experiencing, and which was preventing me from taking an important step with a new business idea.  I immediately felt that I was in a safe pair of hands and in a very short space of time – and with considerable skill and sensitivity – Bettina helped me to work my way through it.  I felt so much better after the session and within a week I had take the action I needed to move my business idea forward.” 

Annabel, Transformational Coach, UK

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