Overcoming Burn Out

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Webinar presentation “Overcoming Burnout”, on behalf of the International Institute of Coaching and Mentoring (www.IICandM.org) from 07 Mach 2016:

Burn out is on the rise in the Western World. More and more people experience exhaustion, loss of mojo at work and a reduction in their zest for life at least once in the course of their working life. As coaches we are well positioned to help a client recognise the signs, and prevent burnout, support them through the recovery and/or creating a balanced life.

In this webinar, I covered:

  • The science behind burnout – what happens and why
  • How we can help our clients to recognise the signs and break out of the vicious cycle of burnout
  • What we, as coaches, can do to help client through the acute phase of burnout, and on the journey of recovery
  • Why focussing on the emotions involved can delivery bigger breakthroughs

To view a replay of this webinar, contact the IIC&M: www.IICandM.org. IIC&M members can access the webinar here by logging into the members’ area.

Burnt out? 


chronically stressed?

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