Forget Skills – It is all about the right attitude in business


Webinar presentation “Forget Skills – it’s all about attitude in business”, on behalf of the International Institute of Coaching and Mentoring ( from December 2015:

We have all read news articles or heard stories about hires that went dramatically wrong. We also may have worked with colleagues or business associates who had great skills but their attitude made them a challenge to work with.

In this webinar, I covered:
• What does attitude mean exactly? And how is different to skills and competencies?
• Why attitude is more important than skills?
• How you would discover the characteristics of the ‘right attitude’ for the job
• How we can help our clients understand their attitude towards certain people, challenges or situations, and how that maybe holding them back.
• How to support clients to shift their attitude or use a ‘negative’ attitude as the signal to change that part of their life

To view a replay of this webinar, contact the IIC&M: IIC&M members can access the webinar here by logging into the members’ area.