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Interviews, Audios & Videos

Watch Bettina in a live coaching session with a client. This video was produced as part of a Gloria* session event. – April 2016

This video is published with full permission from the client.

* The Gloria sessions are a remarkable set of videoed therapy sessions with leading theorists of the 1950s and 1960s: Carl Rogers (Person Centred), Fritz Peral (Gestalt), and Albert Ellis (rational emotive behavior therapy or REBT), each working with “Gloria”. This enables us today to experience their styles. Animas Coaching hosted such events with a variety of coaches and CPD trainers in March. When I was asked to contribute, I was honoured and delighted to accept.

Here are two interviews with Bettina on her public training courses for Coaches: Emotional Intelligence Coaching and Somatic Coaching. – March 2016

Emotional Intelligence Coaching

Somatic Coaching


Interviewed by Lori Brooks for the Technology Equality Podcast – December 2015


Radio Kerry Interview – January 2012

Telephone interview with Z103 Radio Kerry’s Eamonn Campbell on the benefits of integrating NLP and Qi Gong.

To listen to the audio, click on the play button.

If you prefer to read the transcript, click on the pdf (coming soon) below.

To find out more about NLP, Qi Gong or Somatic Coaching (NLP / Qi Gong integration) click on the links (coming soon).

Recommended Resources

Feelings and Needs Inventory
This is a very good list if you wish to increase your awareness of and expand your ability to express your feelings and needs.
Source: The Centre of Non-Violent Communications

Microfacial expressions of Emotions
Paul Ekman pioneered and established this research base

Trauma, why and how it happens
Links to great articles and research about trauma from people like Bessel van der Kolk

The heart’s electromagnetic field (EMF)

Great research by the Institute of Heartmath. They discovered that the heart’s EMF is 60 times stronger than the brain’s, and that emotions are transmitted as part of the heart’s EMF and other people can pick them up that way.

Impacts of positive & negative emotions on our body

The Institute of Heartmath’s research on effects of frustration vs. appreciation on our immune system and our heart rhythm.

Personal Growth from is the most complete guide to information about Personal Growth on the Internet.

Other Recommended Resources for Emotions, Habits and Unconscious Blocks are coming soon.
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