I offer 6 VIP Day and Breakthrough Intensives:

  1. Boundaries, Branding & Mindset Brilliance with Archetypes VIP Day
  2. Profit, Productivity & Purpose Breakthrough Intensive for Entrepreneurs & Business Owners
  3. Self-Sabotage Breakthrough Intensive
  4. From Frustration to Flow VIP Day – Transform Overwhelm, Anxiety and Procrastination
  5. Inspired Leadership Impact & Confidence VIP Day
  6. Harness & Master Emotions at Work VIP Day

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1. Boundaries, Branding & Mindset Brilliance with Archetypes VIP Day

Archetypes are images, characteristics and qualities that are imprinted deep into our human psyche. They are immediately understood by anyone because they are universal.

That is why they work so well – in marketing, branding and any kind of human interaction. No matter whether you represent an archetype with purpose, unconsciously, people will pick up your leading archetypes. They are what creates meaning and feeling – on which all relationship thrive.

In any business, especially entrepreneurial businesses, using archetypes with purpose creates a unique and authentic experience for our customers.

What you will get from the VIP day:

Absolute clarity on what you stand for as a unique individual and in your business

Beautifully designed Archetype cards

Beautifully designed Archetype cards

  • Get to know your Signature Archetype and understand how to represent your core nature, motivation and driving force of your business
  • Discover your Influencing Archetype and understand what gives dimension, colour, tone and uniqueness to your brand promise
  • Identify your unique brilliance and use it as a powerful catalyst for focusing your gifts and talents on your most profitable actions

Articulated authentic Brand Promise & Marketing Message

  • Crystalise your spirit, personality and passion into an authentic brand promise you can use in all your marketing
  • Instantly create a hot marketing message that represents you
  • Clear 1 page overview of your brand and what it means to be authentically YOU, to give to your web designer, copywriter, employees, partners or anyone who helps you to support or represent your brand

Clear understanding of your ideal client 

  • Use your Brand Archetype to immediately begin growing your business or up-level your role if they’re an intrepreneur or rising leader in a company
  • Understand your ideal client and their key characteristics based on your Archetypes
  • Learn a structured, easy to use method you can use over and over again for creating meaning, emotion and connection with your ideal clients authentically

Step by Step Implementation Plan with prioritised profitable & aligned actions

  • Practical and immediately implementable action steps on how to align your business, message and interactions with your archetypal expression
  • Clarity on what activities to focus on and where to set boundaries  – working with your archetypes saying no to non-profitable, non-value add distractions will become a doddle
  • Clear understanding on what you should be doing in your business based on your strengths and values versus what to delegate or outsource to others
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2. Profit, Productivity & Purpose Breakthrough Intensive for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners 

This is for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to expand their business, get clear in the best business model for them, significantly increase their income and make a bigger impact in the world. This VIP day will take you on a whistle stop tour through your business and will equip you to take immediate action.

What you will get from the VIP day:

  • Clarity on
    • where your business is draining valuable resources – money, time, energy

      Discover your blueprint profit pyramid

    • what parts of your business need cleaning up
    • where you are leaving money on the table & missing opportunities
    • what areas just wait for expansion and growth
    • what working practices are letting you down and how to fix this
  • Shift in mindset for entrepreneurial success
  • Understand how you can build on your business’s strength, and how to compensate for the weaknesses
  • A high impact & profit business blueprint specific to your business & your strengths
  • Concise & immediate actions that will make the biggest difference
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3. Self-Sabotage Breakthrough Intensive

This is for entrepreneurs and leaders who have realised that they are running a self-sabotage pattern. This could be negative self-talk, self-doubt, putting themselves down or allowing fear to dictate business action or non-action. This Breakthrough Intensive is your gift to yourself to shift yourself from self-sabotage to inner strength and self-love. You will develop the foundations for unshakable self-esteem and unstoppable confidence.

What you will get from the VIP day:

  1. Clear knowledge where you are self-sabotaging, self-doubting and allowing self-esteem/confidence to be eroded
  2. Learn how to recognise the beginnings of self-sabotage and how it stop it, once and for all!
  3. Release inner blocks and unconscious patterns that hold you back from inner alignment, unshakable self-esteem and unstoppable confidence
  4. Feel what it is like to be totally confident, in your power and secure in your self-worth.
  5. Discover powerful personal strategies that will help you to ground yourself, come back to your inner core of strength and increase your self-esteem and confidence when things get tough
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4. From Overwhelm to Focus VIP Day – Transform Overwhelm, Anxiety and Procrastination in 3 simple steps

This VIP day is like a mind spa. It takes you from stressed, tense, anxious, dithering and overwhelmed to calm and relaxed focus. You will feel clearer, in control, more confident and energised armed with a simple and super powerful arsenal of tools and strategies to beat Overwhelm, Anxiety or Procrastination before any of them can take hold.

What you will get from the VIP day:

  1. Total clarity on what triggers your Overwhelm, Anxiety or Procrastination – you might be surprised at some of the real triggers
  2. Clear understanding of your boundaries, perspectives and habitual patterns that keep you stuck in Overwhelm, Anxiety or Procrastination
  3. Release and relief of the stuck and accumulated emotions and tensions that push every negative experience out of proportion
  4. Simple take away tools, that are right for you, that will help you to immediately switch to calm FOCUS and stop Overwhelm, Anxiety or Procrastination in its tracks
  5. New, easy to apply strategies on how to deal with situations or people that cause you overwhelm
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5. Unstoppable Leadership Impact & Confidence VIP Day


What you will get from the VIP day:

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6. Harness & Master your Emotions VIP Day for Leaders & Entrepreneurs


What you will get from the VIP day:

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VIP Day & Breakthrough Intensive Investment

What’s included:

  • Assessment questionnaire and session materials valued at £500 + VAT
  • 3.5 hours with me via skype or google hangouts* valued at £997 + VAT
    • location permitting we can also do this in person
    • allow 5 hours in total as there will be breaks & offline tasks to do in between
  • 4 x 30 minute skype sessions to build on and further enhance your breakthroughs and learnings valued at £400+VAT
    • over 2 months, one session every 2 weeks
  • my signature process, templates and techniques for you to use over and over again! valued at £1200+VAT
  • your amazing breakthroughs and shifts – £Priceless

Your investment for the VIP day is:  £1500 + VAT (1:1*)

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*contact me to discuss face to face 1:1 or group VIP Day & Breakthrough Intensive Options