Crossing the Invisible Threshold (draft title)

This is my first book as an author. It is about a journey of liberation from emotional stuckness, deeply held trauma and old misconceptions about emotions. It offers a five step process of welcoming and embracing emotions as our ally to create the healing and shifts we want.

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Dial-a-Guru Series

I have been invited to contribute to three books in the empowering Dial-a-Guru Series. The first one I am co-authoring is scheduled for release in June/July 2015.

Awaken your true potential (Dial A Guru book 1) – My contribution is on Creating Positive Lifestyle Habits

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Heal your life holistically and Thrive! (Dial A Guru book 3) – My contribution is on Somatic Intelligence & Qi Gong

Turn your hobby into a profitable business (Dial A Guru book 4) – My contribution is on Building your dream Team (without every having anyone on your payroll)

To find out more about the series go here: Dial A Guru.

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Bettina as an Author 

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