Webinar presentation ” Emotions and the Impact of your Reactions”, on behalf of the International Institute of Coaching and Mentoring (www.IICandM.org) from 30 Mach 2015:

While researching for my MA in applied Coaching, I discovered a great number of insights about

  • how emotions work
  • how they affect us
  • the impact of emotions in coaching and
  • how we as coaches can successful work with them.

I interviewed 30+ coaches globally, completed an extensive literature research and drew on wisdom from a variety of disciplines.

In the webinar, I covered:
– Key facts about emotions and how they affect our reality
– Why being aware and engaging with emotions (your own and the client’s emotions) in coaching is important
– Impact of the coach’s emotional reactions on the coaching relationship and coaching success
– How to avoid projection of your emotion (the coach’s) onto others, recognise when it happens and what to do about it when it does
– Tips on how to help clients become aware, own and shift their own emotional reactions

To view a replay of this webinar, contact the IIC&M: www.IICandM.org. IIC&M members can access the webinar here by logging into the members’ area.